The Dining Car Concept

If you have ever attended a MVGRS monthly meeting the one thing you will surely bring away from the meeting is a larger waist line. It has been a long running tradition for the members of the MVGRS to bring a snack item to share amongst each other. 
Snacks range from store bought cookies to extravagant home made items that are absolutely delicious. 
The summer of 2007 Judy LaMusga came up with the idea of having MVGRS members submit their recipes to be published in the monthly Tracks newsletter so members could share these wonderful food items with their family and friends. 
The next thing you know The Dining Car idea was born, the only catch is that out of respect to the person who submitted the recipe is that you not bring it to a monthly meeting, but feel free to share it with family and friends. 
If you have any recipes that you would like to submit please send them to Judy LaMusga.