The Miami Valley Garden Railway Society

Dayton, Ohio

Maple Leaf & Feline Railroad

Sue & Don Wright

The current Maple Leaf and FeLine Railroad began construction as a flat grassy lawn on June 12th, 2003.
With the help of many friends it was declared ready for use the following summer. The plot devoted to this project is approximately 60 feet by 30 feet.
The track layout consists of an inner and outer loop, each consisting of about 140 feet of track. An eight foot mountain occupies one end of the layout with both loops going through it via separate tunnels.
The outer loop is entirely level while the inner loop climbs part of the mountain then loops back over itself in a 360 degree turn.
The setting for this layout is a first half of the 20th century logging operation. There is a sawmill next to a log pond that is fed by a 20 foot stream that flows from an upper pond that is fed by a small waterfall. While there are several scratchbuilt buildings including the sawmill, a hotel and a lighthouse, the primary emphasis is on gardening. Other items of interest are the 3 bridges and 20 feet of wooden trestle.

The MVGRS Memorial
The MVGRS Memorial was designed and built from scratch by Art Gabele in 1997.
Art built the memorial to recognize members of the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society and the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society who had passed away. The initials of the deceased member are added to the left side of the memorial for the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society and to the right side for the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society.
In 2004, Art donated the memorial to the MVGRS. The memorial is included as part of each display the MVGRS presents.
A Photo of the Memorial is located at the bottom of each Web Page located though out the MVGRS Web Site.
Photo By: Peter Wine