The Miami Valley Garden Railway Society

Dayton, Ohio

The Tide Me Over and Not My Fault Railroads

Jerry & Lyn Humston

Railroad Featured in the 2007 Multi-Club Bus Tour

The Tide Me Over RailRoad (TMO) is a single loop around the pond that travels over 15 feet of trestle with one siding. The TMO is located in the front yard and allows me to run trains while work on the real railroad which is currently under construction in the back yard. The Not My Fault Railroad (NMF) is just that not my fault.
I was perfectly happy constructing my dream HO layout in our huge basement. Then my wife goes and introduces me to her cousin, who invites us over to see his garden railroad in Indiana, then she goes and buys me a LGB starter set for Christmas. So what is one to do. Lets take a ride on the NMF Railroad.
We start the journey out by boarding the train at Lyns Christmas Village and head north over the first of four bridges on the 250 foot main line. The first bridge takes you in front of Granite Falls, then we cross a curved bridge and head south past Matts Pig farm and head towards a long tunnel that comes out and starts the long climb up trestle that loops around Fern Gully then passes in front of the Haunted Mansion. The lower loop is a shorter ride that takes you out and around the pond and across the creek and past the town of Lost Tacos.

Backyard as construction started
Photo By: Jerry Humston

Backyard after
Photo By: Jerry Humston

Copper covered Bridge
Photo By: Jerry Humston

Aerial View
Photo By: Jerry Humston

Rock Island
Photo By: Jerry Humston

Front Yard
Photo By: Jerry Humston

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