The Miami Valley Garden Railway Society

Dayton, Ohio

Frog Pond & East Clayton Railroad

Tom & Theresa Elliott

Railroad Featured in the 2007 Multi-Club Bus Tour
The East Clayton & Frog Pond Railroad is a narrow gauge, semi-fantasy railroad combining hometown and current locations.
This all started with a small flower garden, then a pond was added, then in December of 1999 we won a train in a raffle. The train was an “under the Christmas tree” train through 2002.
In the spring of 2003 the pond was expanded and the basic railroad laid out. In 2004 we changed from 2 loops with switches to a continuous run on all lines, making it more kid friendly and operator easy. We also removed a tree and added a mountain, Mount Elmo, for a point-to-point trolley.
Leaving Frog Pond Junction the train travels around Mount Elmo and around the north side of Frog Lake to Red Bud Narrows. Traveling on trestles to Phitzer Pass tunnel, through the tunnel and onto more trestles, across 3 bridges and around the southern side of Frog Lake the train is back to the west side of Mount Elmo.
The next area the train passes is Frog Pond Junction, from here it passes under the trestles and goes to Paw Paw Forest and circles past East Clayton to Juniper Loop and back to Frog Pond Junction.

The MVGRS Memorial
The MVGRS Memorial was designed and built from scratch by Art Gebele in 1997.
Art built the memorial to recognize members of the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society and the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society who had passed away. The initials of the deceased member are added to the left side of the memorial for the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society and to the right side for the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society.
In 2004, Art donated the memorial to the MVGRS. The memorial is included as part of each display the MVGRS presents.
A Photo of the Memorial is located at the bottom of each Web Page located though out the MVGRS Web Site.
Photo By: Peter Wine