The Miami Valley Garden Railway Society

Dayton, Ohio

Buckeye Falls Railroad

Wil & Jeanne Davis

The railroad is named for the large Buckeye Tree that is situated in the middle of one end of the loop. The Falls refers to either the falling nuts or to the waterfall at the base of the tree (or both – ask about the leaf net.)
The locals have nicknamed it the “Route of the Chipmunk” for the furry creatures that frolic in the railroad. The Buckeye Falls RR and the accompanying garden were started in 1993, upon completion of a new patio.
The railroad consists of two interconnected loops. The first occupies a space of about 12’ x 40’ and the second is about 14’ x 65’. Track is laid on 3” of #8 crushed gravel, (which is also used for ballast.) or on elevated 2’ x 6’ planks.
Overall there is approximately 350’ of track including 265’ of mainline, three passing sidings, a wye, and storage tracks located in the basement. Control is by track power, with conventional block control, using AristoCraft remote control throttles.
The railroad features a seven-foot tunnel, a station area with freight house, a stock pen, farm, and a small town. A second town and farm is under development.
The structures are a combination of kits (modified and detailed), and scratch built. We have had a lot of fun building and sharing the Buckeye Falls. We have met some really great people through the hobby and look forward to many more good times.
Wil and Jeanne Davis

The MVGRS Memorial
The MVGRS Memorial was designed and built from scratch by Art Gebele in 1997.
Art built the memorial to recognize members of the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society and the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society who had passed away. The initials of the deceased member are added to the left side of the memorial for the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society and to the right side for the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society.
In 2004, Art donated the memorial to the MVGRS. The memorial is included as part of each display the MVGRS presents.
A Photo of the Memorial is located at the bottom of each Web Page located though out the MVGRS Web Site.
Photo By: Peter Wine