The Miami Valley Garden Railway Society

Dayton, Ohio

Tippecanoe & Seashore Railroad

David & Irene Crawford

My wife Irene bought me a Great Northern diesel F3 A&B combo, a Pennsy Steam 2-4-2, several pieces of rolling stock and about 100 feet of track with two switches from an elderly gentleman friend as a Christmas present.
As a result, the Tippecanoe & Seashore Railroad was born and now consists of three loops in a 25’ X 40’ layout.
The outer loop crosses over a river and pond adjacent to a waterfall and across a bamboo replica of the Bridge on the River Kwai where it then continues through a tunnel under Tippecanoe Mountain.
The middle loop cuts through the opposite side of the mountain while the third inner loop is a figure eight that ramps up and into the side of the mountain and crosses over the middle loop.
It consists of several trestles, a Howe truss bridge, and a steel arch bridge.

My wife is from Long Island and misses the ocean and beaches.
Thus we will have a replica of the Montauk Lighthouse on the Mountain.
The steel arch bridge will be a replica of the Robert Moses Bridge from Bayshore on Long Island out to Captree and Fire Islands over the Great South Bay.

I am from Lima, OH which has a great rail history and is crisscrossed by several railroads.
My relatives worked at Lima Locomotive works and were crew on the railroads.
I plan on adding a Shey locomotive and scratch building the Lima Pennsylvania Railroad passenger terminal, crossing tower, and water tower.

I am a civil engineer by degree and am having a ball building bridges.
I lost fifteen pounds last summer building the railroad.
I bent over more times in the last three months than I have for the last ten years.
I’ve lifted over two tons of rocks and blew out the shocks in my Toyota lusting after rocks that might look good in the layout.

The MVGRS Memorial
The MVGRS Memorial was designed and built from scratch by Art Gebele in 1997.
Art built the memorial to recognize members of the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society and the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society who had passed away. The initials of the deceased member are added to the left side of the memorial for the Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society and to the right side for the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society.
In 2004, Art donated the memorial to the MVGRS. The memorial is included as part of each display the MVGRS presents.
A Photo of the Memorial is located at the bottom of each Web Page located though out the MVGRS Web Site.
Photo By: Peter Wine